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The Art of Receiving pleasure

June 2, 2022

The art of Receiving Pleasure


On first glance this seems like something we hardly need to go into in any depth. I mean who doesn’t want to receive pleasure? How hard can it be? 


The answer most of us come to is actually very difficult indeed. 




Because it takes much more vulnerability to open the door and receive a gift than it does to leave a gift on someone else’s doorstep. Many of us become avid givers of gifts in the hope that sometime, somehow we will receive something in return, only to find that when it happens we can’t let it in! 


Isn’t that a pretty plight? Something we have dreamed about for ages and we can’t actually get in the mindset to accept it when it happens. 


So how do we get in the place to receive a gift? 


Join me today to discuss this process and the practice of learning to receive with grace. 

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